Generating conversations to inform and empower.


The Table, hosted by Aimee Allison, is a new political show that tackles today’s top political issues at a lively dinner party. This is the first political show dedicated to conversations that reflect the multiracial, multicultural progressive New American Majority. It’s a show, created by and for us, and created with the specific intention to elevate discussions between those of us trying to turn this country around. At The Table you’ll hear from today’s leading figures—from D.C. politicians to grassroots leaders to artists and Hollywood celebrities—as well as so-called “ordinary people,” incredible changemakers who are making a difference in their communities every day. This is the first political show dedicated to generating conversations to inform and empower the multiracial, progressive New American Majority.

Why The Table?

We are in urgent times. American democracy is undergoing a crisis of legitimacy. For many of us, in our lifetimes, the stakes have never felt higher when it comes to the fate of democracy. Our democratic protections are being eroded daily—especially for members of the multiracial, progressive New American Majority, which includes most people of color, immigrants and the majority of the LGBTQ community. New strategies for building awareness and inciting action are required to further our efforts to protect human rights, the environment and our democracy, and to promote racial and socioeconomic justice and equity. The Table is a direct response to these times. We are changing the status quo, changing the narrative around who gets to lead the conversation and who gets to be at the table and have a say.