the Book

She the People:
The New Politics of Women of Color


About the book:

With She the People: The New Politics of Women of Color, Aimee Allison writes a book that will transform our democracy by calling women of color into their fierce and loving leadership and collective power. Women of color will lead the country as voters, as elected leaders, and as a transformational political force. The book begins with a challenge to white-male-dominated political conventions that have routinely dismissed the electoral power of women of color.

Black, Latina, Asian American, Arab American, and Native American women collectively are the highest turnout voters for the Democratic Party, and yet they continue to be the most underrepresented group in elected leadership. Indeed, women of color make up about 20 percent of the nation’s population, and only 4 percent of all elected officials. By comparison, white men comprise 30 percent of the population, but are 65 percent of all elected officials. Marshaling the most comprehensive and authoritative demographic and electoral data, Aimee makes the compelling case that the Democratic Party and progressive organizations that support and fund political campaigns will not be able to win elections post-2016 without investing in the leadership of women of color.

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She the People is the first book of its kind and makes the strongest case possible that the future of our nation and democracy depends on women of color. The book puts our political moment in context. It highlights the inspirational stories of women of color in office who are expanding and implementing the work and promise of social justice movements.

She the People points to a way forward for American democracy by offering readers practical steps for organizing––from holding kitchen table conversations in local communities to forming broad-scale multiracial coalitions. She the People heralds an American cultural and political revolution–a revolution that will realize our democracy for everyone in our nation.