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Netroots Nation - “Hidden Figures” Panel & Keynote

Hear remarks from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kamala Harris and candidate Deb Haaland. Plus, join us for “Hidden Figures: How Women of Color are Making History in the Midterms,” a panel discussion featuring women of color who are leading the way to progressive victories in key states.

Women of color lead the most vibrant movements of our day and are the nation’s often-unacknowledged strongest progressives at the polls. The turnout and the numbers tell the story: Women of color are the critical swing vote leading wins at the polls in 2018, 2020 and beyond. The most underrepresented group, women of color are poised to make history this year; but this transformational moment requires progressives to invest deeply in the leadership and vision of women of color. We’ll hear from the nation’s “hidden figures”—strategists who are women of color, who have demonstrated the power of electoral strategies that leverage deep knowledge of community priorities and networks and prioritize the new American majority framework to win elections in Alabama, Virginia, Texas, Georgia and beyond. These strategists are creating new possibilities for progressive victories, in areas where Republicans and moderate Democrats have dominated the agenda.

Moderator - Aimee Allison