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Voice of the New American Majority


Aimee Allison is a thought leader, public speaker, writer, and expert on women of color in politics. She is president of Democracy in Color, a national political organization focused on race, politics, and the New American Majority. As host of the acclaimed “Democracy in Color” podcast, Aimee explores critical issues at the intersection of race and politics. Ellen McGirt, editor of Fortune magazine’s raceAhead, calls it: "The smartest podcast on race I've found in ages. Listen and grow."

In 2016, Allison organized and moderated “Women of Color: Uniting the Party, Leading the Country,” the first Democratic National Convention event highlighting the central role of women of color in the future of the Democratic Party. In 2017, Aimee launched “Get in Formation,” a national call for Black women to support Stacey Abrams to become the first Black woman governor in U.S. history.

A highly experienced media commentator, Aimee has been an on-camera host for numerous outlets, including LinkTV and Comcast Newsmakers on CNN Headline News. She has appeared as a political commentator for various media outlets, including PBS, CBS, and Fox. She has been a panelist and keynote speaker at Netroots Nation, the Women's March Convention, and the Democratic Summit Oregon. Her writings have appeared in The New York Times, Essence, Teen Vogue, The Hill, Huffington Post, and San Francisco Chronicle. In 2018, SF Weekly named her among the top five San Francisco Bay Area leaders “paving a path to social change.”

Aimee is the author of the forthcoming book on women of color and politics, She the People, due out in 2018. She serves on the boards of Energy Future Project, Courage Campaign, and the YMCA of the East Bay. Aimee lives in Oakland, California. You can follow her on Twitter: @AimeeAllison


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